Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy on investing centers on sitting down with the client and having an introductory conversation regarding asset allocation and risk tolerance, while developing a complete understanding of your financial world, missions, and values toward investing. Our primary question to clients is:

What matters most to you with respect to your investment portfolios?

Once we work through the preliminary questions, we will set up an action plan for investing your accounts. All investment decisions are tied back to the client’s goals, vision, and objectives. We have a core set of portfolio allocations that we built using research and data such as correlation analysis, Sharpe ratio, expenses, etc. We use a blend of active and passive investments. A typical portfolio will consist of equities, bonds, cash, and alternatives (where appropriate). All asset allocations are then customized based on the economic environment and a client’s specific tolerances. We also have the ability to integrate ESG investment screens into the security selection process.

Once a portfolio is designed, we will meet with our clients typically, four times a year to review portfolios as well as stay up to speed on any changes in your lives. We are always available to answer questions or review concerns.